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  • "Increase your sales
    and your in-house skills."

    Pierre van Steenberghe - Managing Partner Lead Agency
  • "Digitalization as a lever
    sustainable growth."

    François Simon - Managing Partner Lead Agency
  • "We give you the means
    achieve your goals."

    Pierre van Steenberghe - Managing Partner Lead Agency
  • "Our promise: growth
    and skills development."

    François Simon - Managing Partner Lead Agency
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The LEAD method

Our method is based on 3 pillars :
strategic visionoperational excellence and continuous mentoring.

Optimize your short-term revenues and ensure long-term performance with our growth lever identification tool, designed by Lead Agency.

We have two objectives :

  • Generate maximum qualified leads and build long-term customer loyalty
  • Raise the skills of your teams so they can turn them into leaders of tomorrow
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Our sectors

To achieve the ambitious goals we set with our customers, we combine sector expertise with strong skills in corporate strategy, marketing, digital acquisition, data and commerce.

Start-up Agency

Increase your value proposition, differentiate yourself through strong positioning and develop an effective marketing strategy to successfully launch your start-up.
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SME Agency

Deploy a corporate strategy based on increased visibility and the digital skills of your teams to drive exponential growth for your SME.
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Franchising Agency

Expand your franchise network, streamline your internal processes and maximize your members' chances of success.
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Cosmetics Agency

Create a memorable experience at every stage of the customer journey with a high-performance omnichannel approach.
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Esthetics Agency

Take full advantage of the opportunities offered by a booming market, thanks to solid positioning and a meticulous strategy.
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Healthcare Agency

Adopt a strong positioning and mobilize your community around the long-term benefits of your health innovation.
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Fashion Agency

Stand out from the crowd to attract new customers and turn them into fervent brand ambassadors to generate organic, sustainable growth.
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A validated method

We are more than a digital acquisition agency.
The Lead Agency method, inspired by the leading consulting firms, is based on a granular analysis of your business, strategic advice from our business mentor and rigorous operational follow-up.


You benefit of a total clarity on your company's current situation thanks to our tool : Leader Optimizer ®.

We determine a roadmap which prioritizes high value-added actions that have a direct impact on your business and its growth..


Our technical teams will take care of the implementation of your digital operations..

We brief, monitor and optimize your marketing actions. We have one and only one objective : your growth ! We guarantee a total clarity on costs and results.


We identify areas for development and draw up a growth plan tailored to your company : the Leader Review ®.

You'll acquire new skillsbecome a better leader and seize the best opportunities.
  • 49,5%
    of companies fail within the first 5 years

  • 10%
    of internal digital initiatives have achieved their objectives

  • 26%
    is the additional sales generated by a trained employee

The good practices

Our business mentors advise their customers on a daily basis, taking into account the positioning of their companies and the markets in which they operate. They share their expertise in the form of blog articles with generic tips which you can find here.

Leads today. 
Leader tomorrow.