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Our needs 
of our customers

Define your company's digital priorities and translate them into action
Individualized support and training in digital actions
Validate and optimize the company's digital actions

Digital coaching

Our top priority is to fostering growth sustainable and profitable skills enhancement of our customers. 
Your personal digital coach mobilizes around your objectives and supports you on a monthly basis in the form of digital coaching, which has already proved its worth with numerous customers.

Strategic follow-up

Depending on your needs and at your own pace, we'll work with you every month to develop and implement your digital strategy.
Digital coaching allows you to get up close and personal with the digitalization of your business, and to learn all the tricks used by our experts to achieve excellent results.
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Digital learning

Your personal digital coach accompanies you and teaches you the best digital practices. Better than a training course, together you identify your shortcomings and areas for improvement, and put them straight into practice: social networks, Google My Business, website, Analytics, Google Ads, etc.
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Process optimization

Wasting time is a major obstacle to digitalization, turning your actions into efforts rather than investments. All too often, this is linked to an internal process problem that prevents you from achieving the efficiency you're looking for. 
We'll give you all the tips you need to optimize your return on investment.
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Digital news

Stay abreast of the latest developments and trends that can benefit your business.
Your digital coach works daily in the digital world, surrounded by other experts who challenge him. Nothing escapes his attention to unearth the best opportunities!
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Advice and guidance

Our aim is to make you autonomous and successful. This means you also have to put our coaching into practice between sessions.
To improve your knowledge and boost your performance, we can advise you and guide you towards best practices.
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Tool training

Want to know more about an essential digital tool? Want to start using a new tool for your business?

We'll train you to get the most out of your tools and programs.
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Our golden circle

The excellence generated by Lead Agency is based on 3 fundamental pillars: strategy, operations and mentoring. Our unique way of working means you can develop your business with complete peace of mind.


You benefit of a total clarity on your company's current situation thanks to our tool : Leader Optimizer ®.


You get the best-in-class performance thanks to our in-house technical teams who take charge of implementing your digital operations.


You step up your game to become leaders in both your market and your skills.
  • I recommend Lead Agency if you want to make rapid progress.

    Thérèse De Sloovère
  • Many thanks for your patience and efficient digital coaching.

    Véronique Dorthu
  • I've benefited from their expertise in digital coaching, which has enabled me to improve my online presence and attract new customers.

    Jonathan Rodriguez

Our guarantees

Lead Agency is based on a unique method, with regular, personalized support at every stage of your development. 

We commit to each and every one of our customers to achieve objectives fixed.

Go up 
in skills

Becoming a digital expert is now possible thanks to the support of your digital coach, who passes on his knowledge.


Optimize your digital presence to outperform the competition with a high-performance, sustainable digital strategy that generates an attractive return on investment.

the right target

Better understand your audience and their needs to reach your customers at the right time and with the right message.


Generate more qualified traffic to your website and massively increase the number of potential buyers.

Joining forces to reach new heights
and share the resulting value.

Lead Agency

Visit answers to your questions

How much does digital coaching cost?

Determining a precise budget for digital coaching can be complex, as it depends on many aspects such as the number of monthly coaching sessions and the duration. (website or e-commerce). However, most of our customers opt for a recurring follow-up every 2 weeks lasting 1 hour, which costs 250€. However, in order to obtain a more precise estimateWe recommend that you contact us directly at +32 (0)473 29 11 38 for a personalized quote.

How does our digital coaching work?

Our goal is toimprove digital presence your company on the Internet andimprove engagement of users with your company, resulting in an increase in the number of contacts you receive via your website. During our monthly meetings, we determine your priorities together, and work on the actions to be implemented to achieve your objectives: social networks, Google My Business, website, Google Ads, etc.

What guarantees do you have following digital coaching?

As an agency specializing in digital coaching, our commitment is to work on the best actions to take during our coaching sessions to improve your company's performance. However, it's important to note that we're training you to be better tomorrow, so you're also a player in your company's success.
The success of our coaching also depends on your involvement and motivation!

How long does digital coaching take?

There's no minimum or maximum duration for our digital coaching sessions. It goes without saying that excellent results require rigor, and that you can't master digital in the blink of an eye. We therefore recommend a minimum of 6 months' coaching.

For your information, we offer reduced rates when you commit to 1 year of digital coaching. Contact us to find out more at +32 (0)473 29 11 38.

Our services

L'operational excellence is the watchword at Lead Agency.
Our in-house teams, made up entirely of senior profiles, are responsible for implementing the strategy defined upstream, with the main objective for your business: the success of your business. performance.

Leads today. 
Leader tomorrow.