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Marketing training digital

Ongoing training undoubtedly helps to improve
motivation, but also performance.
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Our needs 
of our customers

Improve internal team performance and motivation
Understanding digital technology to turn it into a business opportunity
Coach in-house teams or brief an agency and monitor performance

Digital marketing training

While most training courses are generic or too rarely updated, at Lead Agency our top priority is to promote skills development of our customers. 
Our team of experts is mobilized around your objectives and offers digital training courses that have already proved their worth with numerous customers.

Digital training

Every year, our digital marketing training courses help many companies improve their skills.

These are constantly updated to keep pace with the ever-changing digital world.

Distance learning or face-to-face, discover our digital training courses!
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Customized training

Depending on your project, your objectives and your sector of activity, we can offer you fully customized training courses in digital marketing and social networking. 

To maximize learning, we carry out a preliminary audit of your company's digital situation.

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This is a crucial step in our SEO process.
We carry out an in-depth analysis of the keywords you position yourself on, including long-tail keywords.

Find out how we do it here.
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Our digital marketing experts will lead your corporate conferences.

Raise awareness and motivate your teams with the help of an external consultant.

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Other requests

Are you a journalist, school, business association or trade show organizer?

We share our expertise with enthusiasm and adapt to the format you're looking for.
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Our golden circle

The excellence of Lead Agency's digital marketing training courses rests on 3 fundamental pillars: theory, practice and a personalized approach. Our high-quality digital training courses will give you the skills you need in no time.


You receive the best theoretical advice to achieve the desired results.


We transpose the theory in practice with real case studies and concrete examples.


You benefit from advice and recommendations that take your business and your market into account.
  • Thanks to our social networking training, we've been able to improve our company's visibility!

    Les Viviers Properties
  • Very good support for digital communication.

    Sébastien Priels - Franchisee
  • Simple, user-friendly and, above all, effective!

    LSM Conseil

Our guarantees

Lead Agency is based on a unique training method with theoretical and practical courses that take your sector and market into account.

We are committed to giving you all the tools you need to achieve objectives fixed.

Go up 
in skills

Stay competitive and master the best digital tools in an ever-changing world.


Optimize your website to outperform the competition with an in-depth, customized SEO strategy for specific keywords.

the right target

Better understand your audience and their needs to reach your customers at the right time and with the right message.


Generate more qualified traffic to your website and massively increase the number of potential buyers.

Joining forces to reach new heights
and share the resulting value.

Lead Agency

Visit answers to your questions

How much does digital training cost?

The price of digital training courses depends on each course and varies according to the duration and content shared.
In the case of customized training, the price will be defined according to your needs and the audit of your digital communication that we carry out beforehand. To find out more, click here, contact us directly here.

How does customized digital training work?

Our training courses are all divided into two phases: a theoretical part to master all aspects of the training subject you have selected. Then we always move on to a practical phase, using your business case to translate theory into practice.
When you opt for customized training, we first carry out an audit of your business, so that we can work only on the areas that need improvement and that can have a direct positive impact on your business results. What's more, the practical part is also more substantial, and together we define an action plan.

What do I need to prepare before taking a digital marketing course?

Good preparation increases the benefits of training tenfold. So write down all your questions in advance, and make sure you have access to all the tools you need to save time during the course and get to the point more quickly. Beforehand, we'll give you a checklist of items to prepare, depending on the training course you've selected.

What happens after the digital training course?

Once you've completed a training course with Lead Agency, you'll quickly realize that your skills have improved. And if you want to go even further, you can take other training courses or join the Lead Agency team. individual coaching by a Business Mentor.
The choice is yours, depending on your needs! 

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L'operational excellence is the watchword at Lead Agency.
Our in-house teams, made up entirely of senior profiles, are responsible for implementing the strategy defined upstream, with the main objective for your business: the success of your business. performance.

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