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Our needs 
of our customers

Evaluate the company's current digitalization and the actions to be taken
Clearly identify high value-added improvements to be implemented
Consolidate the company's digital transformation for a better foundation

A digital audit

While most agencies simply respond to a brief, at Lead Agency our top priority is to promoting profitable, sustainable growth of our customers.
Our team of experts mobilizes around your objectives and deploys a precise digital audit that has already proved its worth with numerous customers.

Website audit

We analyze both the technical aspects of your website and the interface and use of the site by current users.
The audit enables us to identify actions to be taken to improve the user experience and thus facilitate conversions.
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SEO audit

Having a nice website is a good thing, but if it's not visible, there's no point.
We study your current situation and the competition. Our various tools and our experts determine the actions to be taken to increase your visibility on search networks.
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Social network audit

We evaluate your company's presence, engagement and impact on the various social networks and other platforms.
Thanks to the audit, you'll know which networks represent the greatest opportunity for your company and the best way to communicate.
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Email marketing audit

Auditing the performance of your emailing strategy is an essential step in assessing the effectiveness of your campaigns and identifying areas for improvement.
Many aspects need to be analyzed in order to define the actions you need to take to improve your return on investment.
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E-reputation audit

We evaluate and monitor the online perception of your company, brands or staff.
This audit also includes an analysis of the competition and your market. With these recommendations, you'll strengthen your digital reputation.
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Digital advertising audit

We evaluate the effectiveness, relevance and performance of your online advertising campaigns, providing you with recommendations that will have a direct impact on your return on investment in both the short and long term.
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Our golden circle

The excellence generated by Lead Agency is based on 3 fundamental pillars: strategy, operations and mentoring. Our unique way of working means you can develop your business with complete peace of mind.


You benefit of a total clarity on your company's current situation thanks to our tool : Leader Optimizer ®.


You get the best-in-class performance thanks to our in-house technical teams who take charge of implementing your digital operations.


You step up your game to become leaders in both your market and your skills.
  • The results are promising and our franchisees are very satisfied.

    Pierre Jacobs - CEO
  • Very good support for digital communication.

    Sébastien Priels - Franchisee
  • We are extremely satisfied with the quality of the follow-up and the results.

    Thierry Melotte - Business Development

Our guarantees

Lead Agency is based on a unique method, with regular, personalized support at every stage of your development. 

Your business mentor reaches your goals thanks to precise analysis
of your situation, strategic advice and exemplary operational support.


Maximize online presence with an objective user journey analysis that identifies current strengths and weaknesses.


Detect growth opportunities, optimize marketing strategies and stimulate company growth.


Evaluate digital marketing performance by optimizing ROI through granular data analysis.

the strategy

Adapt the digital strategy by identifying weaknesses and opportunities and enabling precise adjustments.

Joining forces to reach new heights
and share the resulting value.

Lead Agency

Visit answers to your questions

How much does a digital audit cost?

The digital audit, when carried out in its entirety, represents a heavy workload. It also asks for special skills in different fields. There's no set price for an audit, as it often depends on the workload involved, but on average, for this in-depth audit, the cost is around €8,000.
However, in order to obtain more precise estimateWe recommend that you contact us directly at +32 (0)473 29 11 38 for a personalized quote.

What can I expect from a digital audit?

Our goal is to provide clear roadmap for your company, so that you have all the information and advice you need to make a success of your digital transition or development. The audit covers the actions to be taken sorted by importance.
The good news is that post-audit actions can have a direct impact on financial performance and we can help you activate them!

How long does a digital audit take?

A digital audit is a long-term process, starting with the gathering of all the necessary information in collaboration with the company.

This work, in its entirety, takes on average 1 month and is then presented to you by your personal Business Mentor.

Our services

L'operational excellence is the watchword at Lead Agency.
Our in-house teams, made up entirely of senior profiles, are responsible for implementing the strategy defined upstream, with the main objective for your business: the success of your business. performance.

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