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  • "An entrepreneur is someone who sees opportunities and wants to realize them."
    Pierre van Steenberghe - Business Mentor
  • "Strong positioning for more leads without neglecting retention generates your growth."
    François Simon - Business Mentor
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An SME agency focused on
on performance

Lead Agency is based on a unique method, with regular and personalized support at every stage of your SME's development.
Your business mentor achieves your goals with precise analysis your situation, the tips strategic and a operational follow-up rigorous.


Our tool gives you total clarity on your SME's current situation. Leader Optimizer

We determine a development roadmap that gives priorityity to actions with a direct impact on your SME's growth.


You get the best-in-class performance thanks to our in-house technical teams who take charge of implementing your digital operations. 

We take care of briefing, monitoring, optimizing and sharing the results obtained, with the aim of achieving stable growth and sustainable.


You'll grow to become a leader in both your market and your skills. 

We identify your areas for improvement and advise you on the basis of the growth plan. Leader Review.

A winning support !

A unique and effective method

Lead Agency is based on a unique method, with regular and personalized support at every stage of your SME's development.

Leader Optimizer

Our methodology enables us to effectively identify your short- and long-term business opportunities.
Visit Leader Optimizer is based on our experience as an agency in the SME sector, and is inspired by the methods of leading consultancies.

This review defines the strategic priorities to generate a impact positive direct and fast on your SME. With this approach, every investment is based on the growth in sales generated by previous actions. In this way, you reduce your risk while increasing your development potential.

Leader Review

Whether monthly, quarterly or annually, we draw up the Leader Review which summarizes all the actions implemented and evaluates their success.

Visit Leader Review takes key results (OKR) directly from the Leader Optimizer to accurately assess the increasing power of your business and all its players.

Thanks to this assessment, you can identify the most effective strategies and anticipate the future with complete peace of mind.

Our business mentor
Specialized in SMEs

Are you looking to develop your SME with greater peace of mind?
We help you achieve your goals with a business mentor specialized in your field.

van Steenberghe

Business Mentor SME
Specialized in SME development and in the digital marketingPierre works for his customers as if they were his own business.
The combination of these two areas of expertise enables him to find the best strategies and guide his operational teams with excellence.


Business Mentor SME
With 15 years' experience in the marketing departments of renowned multinationals such as L'Oréal and Novartis, François distinguishes himself by placing the end consumer at the heart of his approach. strategic thinking. Passionate about innovation, he creates memorable experiences at every step of the way. customer pathand generate sustainable growth for your SME.
  • I recommend Lead Agency: an efficient, responsive partner for your entire digital strategy!

    Olivier Massiot
  • Pierre is an expert in digital strategy, and his customer service is top-notch from start to finish!

    Mathieu Duthy
  • Simple, user-friendly and, above all, effective!

    Adelin François

Our services

L'operational excellence is the watchword of our SME agency.
Our in-house teams, made up entirely of senior profiles, are responsible for implementing the strategy defined upstream, with the main objective for your SME being to achieve performance.

Joining forces to reach new heights
and share the resulting value.

Lead Agency

Business Case
Mila Victoria Yoga

Victoria Bardiau, better known as Mila Victoria, is a yoga teacher in Brussels who teaches at Animo Brussels and Yoga Room, among others.

We helped her launch her start-up Mila Victoria Studio, with the digitization of her courses, launch strategy and customer acquisition. See the results for yourself!


Increase of the contact database in the form of email addresses in 1 month.

These addresses are now used to sell products and offer online courses to improve customer service and generate more revenue.


The number of followers gained on Instagram over the duration of a campaign organically.

This has led to an increase in brand awareness and credibility for Mila Victoria Yoga.


The number of visitors to Mila Victoria Yoga's ecommerce site in one quarter.

This has generated more digital sales through the eshop and increased the website's visibility on Google.

Visit answers to your questions

Lead Agency is based on a unique method, with regular, personalized support at every stage of your development. Your business mentor achieves your objectives thanks to a precise analysis of your situation, strategic advice and exemplary operational follow-up.

What kind of customers do you work for?

We've been working with SMEs for many years, whatever their size, sector of activity or business model (B2B or B2C), whether they sell online or offline, in the product or technology fields. We are close to the ecosystem and we understand the unique challenges they face.
Our marketing experts are with you every step of the way, working with you to create a marketing strategy tailored to your target audience, whether to generate leads, increase your online visibility or boost sales.

What's the budget for working with Lead Agency?

The budget required to benefit from Lead Agency's marketing services depends on several factorsWe take into account your specific needs, such as the scope of services you require to develop your SME, the complexity of your project, the duration of our partnership and your specific objectives. We understand the importance of providing customized solutions that meet our customers' unique needs, while delivering maximum value. Every project is different, and requires customized approach. That's why we encourage you to get in touch with our team to discuss your specific needs and requirements in more detail. business objectives. Generally speaking, the financing of our services can be considered as a long-term investment insofar as it will be determined by the additional sales generated by our marketing operations.
It's important to note that at Lead Agency, basic support starts at 500 EUR/month. We firmly believe in clarity, and are committed to working with you to find solutions that fit your budget and maximize ROI.

What is a business mentor?

The business mentor has developed a extensive experience and a industry expertise for SMEs. Their main role is to advise founders and their teams, offering support and sound advice to help them develop their skills and achieve their specific objectives. The business mentor has a strategic vision and also a operational approachand focus on the success of marketing operations, while ensuring that the transfer of knowledge. It is there to support the personal and professional development of founders and their teams over the long term.

How does it work?

Our approach begins with a in-depth understanding of needs and marketing objectives of our SME customers. We then provide a customized offer detailing the scope of the services we propose and the corresponding price for their realization.
Our commercial offers systematically include monthly meetings with a business mentor specialized in SMEs. These meetings offer a unique opportunity to benefit from a personalized coaching and sound advice from our business mentor, who brings his expertise and experience to help you develop your skills and achieve your objectives. These are summarized in the Leader Optimiser, a tool developed by Lead Agency, and are subject to quarterly review and ongoing adjustment.

How can I assess the return on my investment?

Evaluating the return on investment of your marketing expenditure involves define clear objectivesto track relevant data, to continuously monitor the ROI calculation (Return On Investment), analyze the results and implement adjustments to continually improve your performance. Rigorous ROI tracking will help you make informed decisions and optimize your marketing strategy to achieve the best possible results for your SME.

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