5 keys to increase your visibility on the Internet

The quest for visibility on the Internet is a key issue for any company or website owner who wants to become a reference in its field. If you feel that your website lacks visibility, there are several basic solutions available to you.

Define a strategy to achieve results first

Conducting an audit of your website

First of all, we advise you to do a complete audit of your website and all the pages it contains. The audit of a website will allow you to know the forcess, the weaknesses and thus the areas for improvement to increase your visibility on the Internet. Thanks to this analysis and the resulting results, you can define action plans to improve your positioning and therefore the visibility of your website on search engines (Google, Bing,...).

Here are some important reasons why you should do an audit of your site:

  • When you start your business (even if you are not yet positioned, the audit allows you to analyse the competition and to directly put in place the good practices that allow you to quickly increase your visibility on the Internet).
  • When setting up a new version / an optimisation of your website. The audit allows us to verify and ensure that the changes made will not affect the positioning of your site (and therefore its visibility on the Internet) on search engines and that it can continue to be indexed by them.
  • When you see a significant change in position or a significant decrease in traffic. The audit allows you to check the best practices for optimising your website's SEO and to understand the reason for these important changes that impact your results. The algorithms that define the positions of a website change frequently on search engines, so you should continue to check that your website is continually updated.
  • Finally, we strongly advise you to do an SEO audit at regular periods. This is beneficial to anticipate and adapt quickly to possible changes in search engines and their algorithms and to gain or keep a good visibility on the Internet.

Setting a coherent editorial line

The editorial line is a key part of your strategy. It should normally be started even before the creation of your website or blog. With a clear editorial line, you define your style, your tone, your editorial angle,... right down to the choice of images you will integrate.

It allows you to create consistency in your brand image. The editorial line should therefore not only be used for your website and blog but also for all your communication media: social networks, newsletters, emails, etc.

In short, your writing style is an integral part of your identity and reinforces your personal branding. This is one of the reasons why visitors to your website will recognise you.

Having a clear and consistent editorial line allows you to increase :

  • long-term credibility to your target audience by giving a professional image of your company or brand
  • long-term loyalty of your readers who are attached to your writing style and enjoy reading your content that matches what they are looking for.
  • long-term visibility on website. Indeed, publishing content and having a good editorial line can also be a plus that positively impacts your positioning on search networks and therefore your natural referencing.

Create a Google My Business account

Develop your local referencing

It has become the essential platform to develop your reputation and your visibility on the local Internet. If you have an activity with a physical location you must have a Google My Business page. A multitude of searches are made every day to find service providers or products according to geography.
The better you fill in your Google My Business listing, the more you will improve your visibility. Then, your visibility on the Internet depends on the following 3 main elements:

  • Relevance information about your company must be accurate and complete to facilitate understanding (name, description, hours, services/products, photos,...).
  • The distance The company closest to the location indicated in the search has a better visibility.
  • Popularity The more your company is known to the public, the better you are ranked. So remember to ask your customers to leave you positive reviews on your Google My Business page.
Gaining visibility on the Internet starts with having a Google My Business listing. It is the basis of referencing.
- Lead Agency

Find your company information on the web easily

Internet users can already find a large amount of information about your company. That is why it is important to fill in as much of your information as possible Google My Business. Moreover, the more complete it is, the more space it takes up on the search network, which is already a considerable advantage in itself.
Here is a brief overview of what you can add:

  • Name
  • Link to your website
  • Description of your company
  • Address
  • Timetable
  • Telephone
  • Services / Products
  • Articles

Display Google reviews on the web

Reviews on Google My Business are the basis of your online reputation and allow Internet users to get an idea of your company without even knowing you personally.

Positive reviews give a good image of your company and reassure the Internet user. It is therefore a incentive to make contact with you and potentially become a new customer. Customer reviews have an important impact and influence your ranking and therefore your visibility on the Internet.
The ranking is based on 4 main factors:

  • The amount of notices
  • The quality of advice
  • Regularity of notices
  • Responses to the opinions

Optimise the natural referencing of your website

Surround yourself with professionals

For the creation of your content, you can call on a expert in natural referencing who writes content to optimise natural referencing (SEO). Competent and knowledgeable, he creates for you content written in accordance with the rules of SEO, with effective keywords and expressions. This is one of the great specialities of Lead Agency.

Setting up the basics of natural referencing

As you will have understood, setting up and optimising the natural referencing (SEO) of a website allows you to gain visibility on the Internet and therefore on the search engine results pages. It is therefore an excellent opportunity to make a website or a company known and an effective way to highlight your products and/or services. We have drawn up 10 criteria for optimise natural referencing that must be put in place for it to be effective:

  • Have a responsive design website: adapted to all devices (PC, smartphone, tablet)
  • Maximise the loading time of your website
  • Optimising your tags and metadata
  • Define a clear and coherent keyword strategy
  • Creating quality content
  • Optimise the natural referencing of each content published on the website
  • Avoid duplicating content
  • Creating effective netlinking
  • Be present on different social networks
  • Use Google Analytics and the Google Search Console

Targeting the right keywords

Define your buyer persona

In order to target the right keywords, it is essential to know who you are addressing. You must therefore, firstly, identify your personas (ideal customer), their needs and their language. Secondly, understand your target audience perfectly to know how they express themselves and how they formulate their requests. Once you have identified these terms, you can use the requests the most requested by Internet users to develop your list of keywords that will make the difference.

Publish regular articles on your blog

Publish a blog post frequently

There is no right answer to the question: "How often should I publish a blog post?“.
The frequency of publication depends on your editorial line. You need to estimate how long it takes to write an article and how much time you have available. This allows you to realistically define the frequency with which you are able to write articles.

Publishing content on your website on a regular basis is still essential to gain the favour of Google... and your readers! By frequently feeding your blog with editorial content you improve your visibility on search engines, you attract new prospects and you loyalty your customers.

Google crawls your site for new pages. If you suddenly stop publishing for a few weeks... Google will not visit your website as often and when you start publishing again, your articles will take longer to be "spotted" by the engine and will therefore be slower to be indexed. Keep up your pace so as not to lose efficiency!

Publish quality blog posts

Be careful not to put quantity ahead of quality. You must not neglect the quality of your content. One article per month is, in our opinion, a minimum if you want to feel the positive impact in terms of referencing and therefore lead generation but also to boost your loyalty.

Think about the content that can interest your target and think about publishing high value-added content. Let your readers know that you are an expert so that they are interested in you.

Exploiting paid referencing

Coupled with a natural referencing strategy (SEO), it ensures the good visibility of your site on the Internet. Paid search (SEA) allows you toquickly increase your ranking on search engines according to the strategy defined and its implementation as well as the given budget.

Your SEA campaigns allow you to collect information which helps you to optimise natural referencing. SEA also naturally has a positive impact on your SEO because if you increase traffic of your website with SEA, the latter boosts your natural referencing.

In fact, it's quite simple. Google also simply thanks the websites that have at one time or another spent a minimum budget. To explain in 2 words: you have two websites with exactly the same characteristics, the same SEO, the same reputation,... and one of them has implemented SEA, it will obviously be the one that has combined the two that is more highlighted than the other.

Pierre van Steenberghe

Pierre van Steenberghe

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