Attracting more visitors to your website: Instructions for use

Everyone is struggling to attract more visitors to their website. But how do you do it? Find out how to do it with the basics.
Attracting more visitors to your website - how to use it

Develop your presence on social networks to attract more visitors to your website

Social networks are indispensable for most companies. They will allow you to build brand awareness to the greatest number of people and thus increase its notoriety. In addition, they allow you toattract more visitors on its website and thus generate qualified leads quite easily (depending on the effectiveness of the established digital strategy).

What are the advantages of having a presence on social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, TikTok?

  • Your community becomes a prospecting market who can either use your services on a short, medium or long term basis or recommend you to their friends and family.
  • Find potential customers looking for your services or product
  • Attract more visitors to your website by directing them to a specific page that provides additional information on the subject or develops a service/product in more detail.
  • Collecting e-mail addresses via social networks is also a great advantage. The database can also be used for emailing campaigns, for example. These campaigns also help to attract more visitors to the website.
  • Use newsgroups to raise your profile and highlight your expertise in your field.

Using social networks is therefore an excellent way to increase its reputationattract more visitors to its website, and generate more sales.

Attract more visitors to your website by posting content on social networks that links to your products.

Share consistent publications on the right social networks

In order to achieve such a result, it is still necessary to respect some basic rules such as disseminating content that meets the information needs of its target audience. BtoB companies in particular share high value-added content to prove their competence and therefore their legitimacy in their market. This creates a climate of trust which then allows more promotional content to be shared to turn the prospect into a customer.

But don't waste your time sharing content on all channels, choose the good social network (or several if justified) and focus your efforts on this one.

Setting up the basics of natural referencing to attract more visitors to your website

There are many points to consider in order to set up a good natural referencing and attract more visitors to your website thanks to a high position on search engines such as Google, Bing, Ecosia, etc.

We will not go through this in detail in this article, but you can find more information in the article "5 keys to increase your visibility on the Internet".

Google My Business, the basis of your referencing

Remember that the basis of natural referencing begins with the creation of a Google My Business listing, which will increase your visibility and therefore your local referencing. This is a completely free Google service with which you can briefly present your company and add contact details so that prospects or customers can easily reach you.

The visibility of your Google My Business listing takes into account different criteria including the relevance of the information provided about your business, the distance from the search location to your business and the popularity of your business; the more public awareness of your business, the better you are ranked. With its "website" button, it also makes it easy to attract more visitors to your website.

Gaining visibility on the Internet starts with having a Google My Business listing. It is the basis of the referencing and it allows to attract more visitors to your website.

Choose your keywords and page content carefully

The basis of your website's content is the choice of keywords, which are divided into main and in key words secondary. The selection of keywords is a crucial task that requires time and precision.

In order to choose them properly, you must first ask yourself some important questions to be taken into account for each page of your website:

  • What product/service do you want to promote?
  • What keywords do people search for in search engines?
  • How much traffic can these keywords generate on my website?
  • Are the chosen keywords relevant to my target?

In order to keep consistency in the keywords defined on each page, it is recommended to propose only one product/service per page.

Respecting good website structure and HTML technical rules

Think about creating a clear and easy-to-understand structure for the Google or other robots that will crawl your website once the request for indexation is made. To do this, you need to create a overall hierarchy for your website and also for each page of it by clearly identifying the titles.

Structuring your website well obviously helps to improve your natural SEO ranking, but it is also essential for improve the user experience of the person browsing your site.

The H1 tag corresponds to the main title, the H2 and H3 tags are used to build the basic structure of your website and the other H tags (4,5,6) are there to section off longer texts. Each title should be neither too short nor too long to be optimised to the maximum.

Use Google Analytics to analyse your ranking and improve your position on Google, Bing, Ecosia, etc.

Attracting more visitors to your website is good, understanding what they do is better! Doing SEO without analysing the results regularly is therefore not very interesting.

Indeed, it is essential to work frequently on your referencing on the basis of analyses to attract more visitors to your website. This analysis should enable you to detect which pages generate visits and how visitors interact with them. With a view to looking at the final result which is the conversion, such as a contact request or a purchase on your e-commerce site.

To improve your referencing and increase your conversions, we have developed a powerful analytical tool. It allows you to analyse your situation in a few minutes and determines the actions to be taken to quickly achieve the results you are looking for.

Generate more visitors to your website with a strong data-driven marketing strategy and Google Analytics

Blog: choosing an effective editorial line to attract more visitors to your website

There are many ways to get your blog known and followed by a large number of users. The first step in attracting more visitors to your website via your blog is simply to offer a quality content that corresponds to what your target audience is looking for. A blog can have different functions like the two presented below:

How to promote your blog and attract leads

Generating more visitors to your website is the first function. To do this, your articles must provide added value for users, such as solve, educate, inform or entertain. It is obviously important that your articles are topical and meet a specific need.

Many articles already exist on the various search engines such as Google, Bing, Ecosia, etc., which forces you to work on your natural referencing when you write your blog article in order to position yourself on the first page.

Attracting active customers to your website and building loyalty

Get your customers to return to your website by regularly sharing your expertise through blog posts, either by emailing or by spreading it on social networks.

This allows you toincrease your credibility and therefore the attachment to your company and also if it is appropriate toincrease your sales by presenting services or products that your current customers have not yet purchased.

Emailing to attract more visitors to your website

As mentioned above, emailing can be used to share your expertise by redirecting your customers or prospects to your blog posts. However, it does not stop there.

It is also common to direct customers or prospects directly to other pages on your website such as a service or product page or even your team if you want to highlight a new employee for example.

Paid referencing to attract more visitors to your website

Paying to appear in the top search results is obviously a common practice and can generate a lot of traffic. Other articles give you a better understanding of how this works Google Ads and how to perform with internet ads.

As with all your visits to your website (and especially for Google Ads as you pay for each visit), it is important to consider that only a qualified visit has real value and can generate a conversion.

Are you already busy doing paid search with Google Ads? Are you struggling to analyse your ROI with Google Analytics? We have provided you with an analysis tool that allows you to easily see what actions you need to take. Discover our ATS analysis tool here.

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