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Simplify the monitoring of your strategic digital objectives with our free digital performance tool managed by Lead Agency.

A digital performance tool that allows you to improve the monitoring of your objectives and to contact an expert in digital strategy for free
A digital performance tool that allows you to improve the monitoring of your objectives and to contact an expert in digital strategy for free
A digital performance tool that allows you to improve the monitoring of your objectives and to contact an expert in digital strategy for free

Benefits of the tool

  • Creation of a to-do list with main and secondary objectives
  • Quick percentage view and instant updates of your progress
  • Chat with our digital experts and easy coaching booking
  • Access to free resources for ongoing training

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Lifetime access

2 main reasons

for which your digital strategy does not overperform

1. You have not defined long and short term objectives

Defining objectives and following up on the resulting actions is not always easy, but it is the basis of a successful digital strategy.

Your frustration increases because you are aware that you can have much better results.

2. You are limited by your current knowledge

Being an expert in digital strategy on top of everything else you do is not possible. You lack the information and knowledge to take your actions to the next level and ensure that they have a positive impact in the long term.

stop doing
digital marketing

First, sign up for our free digital performance tool to develop your strategy more intelligently, get a clear view of your goals and increase your knowledge.

If you are having trouble following your digital strategy and defining precise objectives, stop wasting your time right now! You can't imagine how many opportunities and therefore sales you are missing.

A good follow-up of your objectives (with our digital performance tool) allows you to determine in 2 clicks the actions you need to put in place and to see at a glance where you stand in the achievement of these. Without this precise follow-up, you will not be able to be effective and achieve the results you have set for yourself.

That's why we've provided a tracking tool that makes you a digital strategy expert and allows you to access expert advice through our free resources or by contacting one of our strategists.


Lifetime access

A GA4 Quick Analysis Tool to make Google Analytics easier to analyse and help you make the right decisions
A GA4 Quick Analysis Tool to make it easier to analyze Google Analytics and help you make the right decisions and save time to generate more leads
A Google tool that makes it easy to analyse your Google Analytics. Order your GA4 quick analysis tool

How works
the digital performance tool?


A digital strategy expert creates your personal account on the platform and explains how to work on it.


You create your account in 2 clicks, you easily add your various to-do lists and you access all our available resources.


You can easily follow all your objectives and contact us by chat or book a video with one of our experts if necessary.

Questions about

Chat live
with one of our experts.

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get more training

- Lead Agency

at your service

Your digital strategy expert takes care of the activation of your digital performance tool (technical set-up + training) but on top of that: the tool is continuously updated, you have regular access to new resources, we answer your questions by chat and you can book a video meeting directly via the tool.

Our digital performance tool allows you to set primary and secondary goals. With this dashboard, you can easily see where you are and what you still need to implement. In addition, you have monthly access to new training resources and can book appointments with your dedicated Digital Marketing Expert.

The tool is completely free and is available for life! This includes: all updates, access to all platform features and access to all our digital marketing resources.

No. Get free access to our tool for life. No surprises, just fun with better tracking of your goals!

A dedicated digital marketing expert will give you access to the tool. You don't have to worry about anything. As soon as we receive your request, he will contact you and this same person will do all the follow-up. 

The connection to your digital performance tool takes an average of 24 hours.
Your dedicated expert will then provide you with free training according to your availability.

Your dedicated Digital Marketing Expert will give you access to the platform and train you on how to use it for free. You also have access to new resources every month for ongoing training!

You only pay if you make an appointment with your expert to help you with your strategy, SEO, social networks, etc.

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