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Simplify your website analysis with our powerful Google Data Studio / Looker Studio dashboard.

Quick Analytics tool GA4 to better understand your website users and receive follow up from a Google Analytics expert
Quick Analytics tool GA4 to better understand your website users and receive follow up from a Google Analytics expert
Quick Analytics tool GA4 to better understand your website users and receive follow up from a Google Analytics expert

Benefits of the tool

  • Overall health of your website and comparison with previous periods
  • Quick view in percentage of pages and user paths that generate leads/sales
  • Detailed analyses of traffic sources, events, conversions and audiences
  • Graphs with short and long term trends to improve understanding of the situation

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2 main reasons

for which your website
does not overperform

1. Difficult analysis of your website

You have invested in a website to promote your services and generate new contact requests but these are rare or you want to increase them.  

Your frustration increases because you are aware that you can have better results.

2. Difficulty in targeting your actions

Despite the time and money invested in your website, without good analysis, your adaptations do not bring the expected results.


Invest in the GA4 quick analysis tool first to understand more easily what actions to invest your time in and increase the performance of your website.

If you are having trouble analyzing your website properly, stop right away to waste your time! You can't imagine how many opportunities and therefore how much turnover you are missing.

A good analysis (with our GA4 quick analysis tool) allows you to see at a glance what is working well and where you can improve. Without this clear analysis, you will not be able to make the decisions that will make you perform well.

For this reason, we have developed a powerful analysis tool (there is also a Google Ads analysis tool) which allows you to spend your time intelligently in the development of your website and increase traffic and conversion rates.

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A GA4 Quick Analysis Tool to make Google Analytics easier to analyse and help you make the right decisions
A GA4 Quick Analysis Tool to make it easier to analyze Google Analytics and help you make the right decisions and save time to generate more leads
A Google tool that makes it easy to analyse your Google Analytics. Order your GA4 quick analysis tool

How works
the GA4 analysis tool ?


Your personal Google Analytics expert takes care of everything:
he connects the GA4 Quick Analytics tool with your Google Analytics account and explains how to work with it.


Analyse your entire account in 2 clicks, down to the smallest detail, with accurate and up-to-date data. Identify your customers' journey and the actions to be taken. 


Make the right decisions thanks to your fast and quality analysis. You increase your return on investment for each of your actions to achieve successful results.

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Waste less time
gain more leads

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Our GA4 expert accompanies you
free of charge

Your Google Analytics expert takes care of the activation of your GA4 Quick Analysis tool (technical set-up + training) but on top of that, the tool is continuously updated and you receive a precise analysis of your Google Analytics account every year.

Our GA4 Quick Analytics tool is directly connected to your company's Google Analytics account. We work with Google Data Studio which is a free program provided by Google. The connection to your account is made with our expert. 

To get access to our GA4 Quick Analysis Tool, it costs a fixed price of €499 excl. 
This amount includes: the implementation of the tool by a Google Analytics expert, lifetime access to your analytics tool, training on how to use it and annual follow-up by your expert who provides you with free advice.

No. It's a one-off payment with lifetime access. No surprises, just fun in your analysis!

The data is sent systematically to your GA4 analysis tool. This means that incoming data from your website is automatically sent to your tool and that your analysis tables in the tool are continuously updated with the most accurate data.

A dedicated Google Analytics expert takes care of the entire set-up of your new Google Analytics tool. You don't have to worry about anything. 
As soon as we receive your request, we will contact you and the same person will do all the follow-up. 

Setting up your Google Analytics (GA4) tool takes an average of 1 week.
Your dedicated expert will then provide you with training according to your availability.

Your dedicated Google Analytics expert, who will have set up your tool and trained you, will continue to follow you. Each year, he will offer you a global analysis of your account (free of charge) to advise you and help you perform even better!

your GA4 Quick Analysis tool

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