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Easily increase the attractiveness of your company on social networks by spreading a strong and consistent brand image.

Easy to modify social networking templates to boost visibility
Easy-to-edit social networking template that reaches the right target
Easy to modify social networking template to increase leads


  • Ready-made design visuals for your social networks: customer reviews, lead magnets, offers, etc.
  • Various templates with unique publications, carousels, front page story icons, etc.
  • Unlimited customisation, easy to modify and adapt to your wishes
  • One-time purchase and lifetime access to all templates and other bonuses added to the pack

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2 main reasons

for which your social networks do not outperform

1. You lack regularity in your publications

Posting on social networks can take a lot of time (too much) and it can be very tiring, especially if you are not properly equipped to develop yourself. Your frustration increases as you see your competitors perform and you are aware that you can do much better.

2. You are not visible enough

Without good analysis, you make changes to your campaigns without being sure that they will have a positive impact in the long term and your adjustments do not bring the expected results. Drawing attention to your business is complicated.

stop publishing
on social networks

Invest in design templates to save time in managing your social networks and increase your visibility.

If you're struggling to stand out on social networks and it's taking you a long time, stop wasting it right now ! You won't believe how much time you can save with our templates and how much exposure you can get.


Publishing on social networks with visual consistency and with adapted formats allows you to drastically increase your credibility, your notoriety and your visibility.

That's why we developed the "Templates Social Network Tool" using tried and tested templates that will turn you into a social network expert. Strengthen your brand image and make your life easier while having more time to interact with your social network leads.

Limited offer


Social networking visuals to save time and become a social networking expert
Social networking visuals to save time and become a social networking expert
Social networking visuals to save time and become a social networking expert

How works
the templates social networks tool ?


Your personal social network expert takes care of everything: he guides you through the creation of your account, shares all the templates and trains you.


Adapt in 2 clicks the templates you want to use, export them and then broadcast them directly on your favourite social networks.


No need to think about your content or spend time creating visuals.
You strengthen your brand image and increase your productivity.

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our template tool?

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less time on the networks
more visibility and leads

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Our social network expert accompanies you
free of charge

Your social networking expert will share the templates with you (technical set-up + training) but in addition to that, you will receive recommendations for your different social networks every year.

Simple, fast and efficient, our visuals are developed on the free layout / design software Canva. We give you access to our ready-made visuals and all you have to do is add your logo, adapt the colours to your company and that's it!

To have access to all of our visuals, it costs a fixed and unique price of 399€ without VAT. 
This amount includes: access to all our visuals (1 year of content already made for you), lifetime access to your visuals (no limit of use), training in its use and annual follow-up by your expert who provides you with free advice.

No. It's a one-off payment with lifetime access. No surprises, just huge time savings in your publications and consistent, attractive communication!

A dedicated Social Networking expert will give you access to all the social network visuals. You don't have to worry about anything. As soon as we receive your request, we will contact you and this same person will do all the follow-up. 

It takes an average of 24 hours to access all of your social media images.
Then your dedicated social network expert will provide you with training according to your availability.

Your dedicated social network expert, who will be in charge of setting up your tool and your training, will continue to follow you. Each year, he will offer you a global analysis of your social networks (free of charge) to advise you and help you perform even better!

your social network templates

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