The 7 key points
of a successful digital strategy

White paper Digital marketing : 7 key points for a successful digital strategy

The 7 key points
of a successful digital strategy

A comprehensive guide to implementing your digital strategy for new businesses as well as for SMEs that want to (finally) go digital.

Discover below the chapters of our digital marketing white paper:

Learn the best method to validate marketing objectives and the different types of objectives to be defined.

"Don't be like the competition, stand out!" Discover how to define your positioning.

Identifying and defining your target is the foundation of your strategy. As a bonus, you have access to a template for your personas.

Optimise your website to attract qualified traffic and convert them into customers. 10 tips to make it happen.

Understand when and how to reach your target audience to increase your conversion rate and engagement.

What to use your data for and how to get the most out of it.

How to define a marketing budget in year 1 or beyond depending on your objectives.

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